Gamer Pakistan Esports Event Development

About Us


Gamer Pakistan has organized and held over 30 separate esports competitions, including the first annual University Esports National Tournament and Championship in 2022. In December 2022 GP held the week-long inaugural National Esports Free Fire Championship. 2023 Gamer Pakistan esports competitions include National Valorant League, Islamabad Esports Championship, Sindh (Provincial) Intervarsity PubG Tournament, KPK FIFA Championship, Lahore Esports (LAN event) Championship, GP Pakistan Tekken Championship, Gamer Pakistan National FREE FIRE League and the Punjab (Provincial) Open Esports Championship.

Elite Sports Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, (ESP) is Gamer Pakistan’s affiliate company and duly incorporated under the laws of Pakistan. ESP has entered into 119 agreements with universities and sports authorities in Pakistan pursuant to which we have been granted exclusive rights with respect to licensing, producing, distributing and monetizing a range of sports events for inter-collegiate competition, including esports. ESP has been instrumental in forming Gamer Pakistan.


The inaugural “Gamer Pakistan National Intervarsity Esports Championship” took place at MINHAJ University Lahore (MUL) from July 30th to August 1st, 2022.

This groundbreaking event featured 49 teams from prestigious universities across Pakistan. The Championship comprised 8 conferences held throughout the nation.

This marked the first official Intervarsity Esports National event of its kind, offering substantial cash prizes totaling 300,000 rupees to the tournament’s winners and runners-up, as well as cash awards for the team’s officials and the participating universities’ sports directors. This unprecedented move in the higher education sector demonstrates our commitment to fostering and rewarding excellence in esports among students.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to establish a strong presence in the esports ecosystem of Pakistan by focusing on the following key pillars:

  • Student and University Focus: Prioritize student needs and experiences.
  • Recognition: Gain recognition for university esports.
  • Unique Platform Development: Create a specialized esports platform.
  • Community Building: Foster a diverse esports community.
  • Professional Pathways: Establish career pathways in esports.
  • Industry Integration: Collaborate with the esports industry.
  • Continuous Innovation: Prioritize ongoing innovation and engagement.

By pursuing these strategic pillars, we are committed to realizing our vision of becoming the premier destination for students in Pakistan to embrace esports and contribute to the exponential growth of the global gaming industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop Pakistan and Southeast Asia as the leading force in the world of esports for students, spearheading the transformation of university esports into a powerhouse within the global gaming industry. We are dedicated to creating an unparalleled platform for university and college students, empowering them to embrace esports as a thriving and respected profession.

Our Goal

We aim to commercialize the university esports by merchandising, filming, social media marketing and other monetization channels.

Our Mission

To empower Universities and their students to become avid champions in esports and gaming technology through the development of the largest esports platform in South Asia.